Southern Vermont Arts Center Recommends Wallcoverings Installation Academy

To Whom it May Concern:

It is an honor for me to write this letter of recommendation for Bradley Bender. For over 30 years Brad has wallpapered and painted the interiors of the homes of many of the members of the Southern Vermont Arts Center. I can personally attest to the fine precision and professionalism he displayed in wallpapering the hallway and living room of the home of my parents.

We at the Arts Center have nothing but praise for the job he did on two of our public restrooms. He was meticulous and very thorough with his set up and take down, so important in a building open to the public. The painting of the woodwork and wall covering have held up very nicely over the years. We will be using Brad next year to do our third restroom.

Brad was contracted to do all of the interior painting and wallcovering of the (then) sprawling Dorset home of the prominent painter, Dean Fausett. The results were stunning.

Brad is a master of his craft, someone I can fully endorse to handle any project large or small. He is reliable, professional and meticulous – traits that are hard to find in today’s workforce.

Christopher J. Madkour

Executive Director, Southern Vermont Arts Center

November 14, 2006

Feedback From Past Students

“I’d like to say thanks to Bradley for the excellent instruction he gave me. His thorough explanation of the various types of wallcoverings and proper wall preparation has helped me greatly. The tips on estimating make doing estimates a breeze.”

Rich T. from New Jersey

“Bradley is an exceptional teacher, willing to share his technical knowledge with his students. His complete understanding of the wallcovering industry, client relations, working techniques and communication with students make him an exceptional individual.”

George R. from New Jersey

“In my opinion, Mr. Bender was an invaluable instructor and simplified the course to such a degree that a person such as myself, who had no previous experience in the trade whatsoever, could easily understand. Mr. Bender worked closely with each student and would answer each and all questions to his fullest ability for all students. My profession has been and still is very lucrative, and I feel I am successful in the field of wallcoverings installation because of the time and patience Mr. Bender gave me during my time at paperhanging school.”

Larry K. from Arizona

“I just wanted to thank you once again for the knowledge you shared with¬†us these past few days. Your service was money well spent and greatly¬†appreciated.”

Aaron Stonebrook Painting from CA

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